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All these drawings of mine belong to me. :)

:star:All the things I'm planning to do:star:

Vampire Mixels abilities drawing :bulletgreen: Uploaded.


These are my favourites. :3



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Good morning!
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BTW, CatDog112, Krader the vampire isn't bad anymore.
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Did you know the new angry birds film coming on 2016 yaaaay! But I sow Sony picture's photo but birds have a wings & legs
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Sara: U WONT GET AWAY WITH THIS KRADER!Cat: u robloxians = mixels =....IDK
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Mixels - The Dustooners by worldofcaitlyn
Mixels - The Dustooners
For :iconzootycutie:.

Here are the Dustooners, Finnak, Sputter and Mitey.

Mixels (c) :iconlegoplz: and :iconcartoon-networkplz:.

The Dustooners (c) :iconzootycutieplz:.

Made with DeviantArt muro


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I've come to DeviantArt to draw my own style of pictures.

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Who is your favorite Space Goofs alien? 

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:HEADCANON: Mixels' Dark Pasts

Journal Entry: Sun Jan 25, 2015, 4:24 PM
A headcanon idea I got in my head.

The Mixels had parents until they died or went missing.

Note: The Mixels lived with their parents before they met each other.

Infernites 2014:

Flain: Flain followed his father's orders and favors until his death by decapitation when Flain was 8. He gave his leadership to him before his death and Flain thus became the leader he is now.

Zorch: His father was even worse than him, having pulled even deadlier pranks than his son ever did today and about killed everyone. This caused him to get arrested and put in a loony bin until he died when he was starved, leaving his alone and Zorch loved his pranks and became the prankster he is today.

Vulk: He had a very kind father, he even came to help him occasionally. One day, when Vulk was 5, he mysteriously disappeared and he was nowhere to be found, and this made Vulk the kind Mixel he is now.


Krader: He had strict, but kind parents who cared for their son deeply until they drowned when saving their young son from the Nixels and his dad was the best digger in the world world and he becomes a digger he is now as well as a leader.

Seismo: His parents weren't very well going with their son, having giving him forced exercises each day until they got kidnapped and sent to the fortress with them never found. His mother was very gruff sounding, resulted Seismo to be gruff sounding he is now.

Shuff: His mother collected ceramic figures like he did today and she owned a ceramic shop and lived with his mother until he was 7, where she was apparently gone missing while in her store. He inherited his digging style and friendliness from his mom to where he has been now.


Teslo: His father was scientist like him and he helped his son learn about almost everything, even Cubits. Sadly, when Teslo was 10, he died of a strange illness that caused him to fall out of his chair. He was saddened by his dad's death and he started to follow his intelligence that he has now and has since had his leadership.

Zaptor: Zaptor had insane parents who were not very smart and funny sounding like him. They had a taste of hamlogna sandwiches that Zaptor inherited from them. One day, they nearly stole everything until they were arrested and sentenced to death by the judge, leaving Zaptor as an orphan and later having himself the crazy Mixel he is now.

Volectro: His parents were jokers like him and they taught their son to be as funny as them, even when Volectro's hair became what it is now. One day, after a circus they attended, they were brutally beaten up in front of him by a Muscle Nixel and his son told him to run for his life, causing him to be scared of the dark for all of his life. He then become the jokester he is today.


Flurr: Flurr used to live with his parents as a small dragon before the fight against Major Nixel. His dad hugged him when he came out of his egg and Flurr was curious fellow as a child and he is now. His leadership was passed to Flurr and thus the leader Flurr is now.

Slumbo: He lived in a dirty icy home where his parents resided in and long ago before the great Nixel Wars started. His mom sent their lazy son away to a another place where he lives now. His dad was very strong and he helped out with the Mixel wars before the Mixels grew up.

Lunk: He had a nice father who cared for him until he went missing when Lunk was 7. It was a Nixel attack that caused his disappearance, which left Lunk very sad, leaving him slow that he is now.

Fang Gang:

Jawg: Jawg had a single caring mother when he was a pup until one day she was eaten by a monster and Jawg vowed to get rid of the monsters one day. Jawg has her leadership and he leads the tribe now.

Chomly: Chomly's mom was not intelligent at all and even nearly drove her son to death one time and her drunk state was even worse when Chomly lost his tooth at 9, resulting in her imprisonment. Chomly becomes the lunatic he is now because of this.

Gobba: Gobba's parents were very friendly to him when he was little and even gave him lots of things to eat even wood which were made into totems which made him a totem modeler he is now and was lived with them until he was 6 to where his dad and mom got falsely and mistakenly sent to a funny farm to which saddened him and ran away because of that. Gobba now vows to make totems to remember them by.


Kraw: His parents were rich and fancy and he lived in a fancy home until the home got destroyed by a bunch of Nixels that caused their death and causing Kraw to run away, he now has his father's leadership and currently has his riches and love for other people.

Tentro: His father was very strict and serious and he listened to him at all times, even in his fears. By the age of 5, his father got completely annihilated by aliens and had his fear of aliens ever since and he remains the strongman he is now.

Balk: Balk was like his father and mother, who were also dumb like him, having their heads injured so much that they became just like him. They even loved slingshot like their son, but one day, something broke into their house and murdered their and Balk ran away and Balk has remained dumb since.

Glorp Corp:

Glomp: His mother was as goofy as him, who loves crazy schemes, as well as his mom's adventurous and curiosity. However, she mysteriously disappeared at the wars, leaving Glomp alone and doing the schemes and adventures to remember her by.

Torts: His parents were very zealous and proud of their son for doing very well in school and danced with them every birthday until they got attacked by Nixels at 9. Torts inherited their slimy hands from them and vowed to dace like them every day he does now.

Glurt: Unlike Jawg, Glurt had both parents that protected him every night from Nixels until he was old enough to go on his own at the age of 7 and caused his parents to die from cancer caused by worms and Glurt cried and started to run away. He ran into the swamp he lives at now.


Scorpi: Scorpi's parents were strict and slightly abusive to him, not caring what Scorpi wants to do what's he does now in the present. They didn't even like his eyes and one night they were brutally murdered while he was asleep and he screams in terror, leaving him the scaredy-cat he is now.

Footi: Footi's mother was ditzy and girlish just like him and was a good dancer as he watched her dance every night and Footi was a baby when he saw this dancing that he likes to do now and she always mistook Footi for a girl to which he is not. Footi's mom went out of her house one night, and she was kidnapped and taken to a facility, where she was enslaved and forced to dance for her slavers, which left Footi sad enough to leave her house at 4 years old. He now vows to dance for her for all eternity that he does now and he kept his teddy bear, the only thing that he has left of his mom when she was gone.

Hoogi: Hoogi's dad was very gentle and kind to other Mixels as Hoogi followed him every day to school until he was 8, to the point where his dad got his neck violently bit by a strange creature to which enough blood drawn out of his neck to when he dies from the bite and Hoogi started to be very sad and he promises that he will does his dad's nuzzle-wuzzle routine with Scorpi that he does now.


Magnifo: He had a good energetic father who taught him magic tricks that he practices now. He was 5 when he started his magic tricks with his dad. However, one day his father got murdered by Snowflake when Major Nixel possessed him. This caused Magnifo to banish him from the tribes to have him defend himself now. Magnifo vows to practice magic every day to honor his dad. Magnifo lived with his dad the most out of the Mixel cast.

Mesmo: Mesmo's dad was very abusive, having his son being forced to into his bed every night when he asks him too, even when he gets done playing with his hat. One night, when Mesmo was forced to do laundry, Mesmo stepped in his father's room and saw he was dead, causing him to leave his house and run off away from it to the tent where the others live now. Mesmo had a fond of balloons and has used them ever since for the magic shows.

Wizwuz: Wizwuz had a friendly father who was as kooky as him and he loves his magic tricks as well. Then one day, Wizwuz's dad started to watch for the sky in case of Nixels. Then........ a Nixel caught him and beaten him up until he was knocked out cold. Wizwuz looked away from this incident and ran to the tent he lives inside now.

Hope you know about this.

Mixels (c) :iconlegoplz: and :iconcartoon-networkplz:.

Snoeflake (c) :iconthehfmocist11:.

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